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Offline I’ve had mine wired at volts for years. When thermostats open, a spark occurs. This burns the contact. Contacts only have so much life. One half the voltage and one half the current means one fourth the power and should mean one fourth the spark. Element should also last indefinitely. If I were doing it: Turn off the main and backfeed both phases in the panel.

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Atwood 6 and 10 gallon Electronic Ignition Water Heaters Atwood water heaters are designed and approved for use only in recreation vehicles travel trailers, 5th wheels, motor homes, etc. They are offered in two sizes: It will either be a bolt-on or screw-in element.

Sep 20,  · If you put vac through the heating element, the coil will not heat up enough to generate the resistance needed, so you wont get watts of heat, you’ll get more like watts of heat and use about watts of : Resolved.

Chris, You have mutually exclusive goals. If you don’t want to break your wallet, then you certainly should NOT install a “geothermal” system that is, a ground-source heat pump. What’s it going to cost you? If you buy a more affordable heating system, you can take all of the money you saved and invest it in air-sealing work, more insulation, or better windows. You’ll end up with a tighter house that uses much less energy.

If you want the most energy-efficient water heating system — and I presume you mean, one that uses as little purchased energy as possible — you should probably install a solar hot water system. But they aren’t cheap. If you don’t want to break your wallet, drive down to Home Depot and get a gas water heater. Wrap it with insulation. And install low-flow fixtures so you use as little hot water as possible. Chris 3 Good points Martin, and thank you for them.

I am laughing out loud. I guess I lost site of the forest for the trees.

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Source Electric Water Heater Troubleshooting: The unit is powered with volts and contains two heating elements and two thermostats. Of the two heating elements, only one is used at a time. One is located at the bottom and the other at the top, and when the bottom reaches the set temperature, the heating element shuts off and the top one kicks on.

If you are getting hot water for only a couple of minutes, then you may need to adjust the temperature on the thermostats. However, make sure that you secure the power to the water heater before you take off the access panels to the thermostats.

An electric water heater, on the other hand, doesn’t burn fuel and produce combustion gasses, so it doesn’t need a flue at the top. It does, however, need an electrical hookup that connects to an electrical circuit breaker in an electrical panel because it has electric heating elements inside the tank.

Contact Author One of the challenges to living off-grid is getting hot water. There are several ways of getting hot water that do not require connecting to the grid system. Each method has it’s pros and cons and choosing a method will depend on where you live and your natural surroundings. In the past people would simply heat their water on wood burning stoves and take a sponge baths or use it to wash dishes.

Thankfully that method is no longer necessary, as water is heavy and carrying hot water can be treacherous. There are several inventions that enable you to have hot water in your shower or bath just like you have now only without the heating bills! The first invention is the solar water heater: The solar water heater can be used if you have a decent amount of sun and while there are many solar water heaters that you can buy you can also build one yourself and save a lot of money.

A basic solar water heater can be formed from an empty used gas water heater. Paint it black and put it into a glass case sort of like a greenhouse to capture the sun. The sun will heat up the water and depending on where you live you may never have to pay for hot water again.

Atwood Water Heater Troubleshooting

The goal of the project was to heat my hot tub in an economical way. The existing built-in electric heater used almost watts when running and at the new electric rates, keeping the tub up to F made the utility bill very high. I attempted for a while to keep the temperature at a lower setting and turn it up only in anticipation of using the tub.

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I mean a 2-pole breaker. Not a duplex or tandem breaker, which are 2 single breakers double-stuffed into a single space, these are useless because they can only access one pole. They do make hybrid 2-pole breakers which are 2-pole and also double-stuffed. They take 2 full spaces and have 4 handles. What makes it a 2-pole breaker is that it’s 2 spaces wide, and it has a “handle tie” so that both “sides” of the breaker trip together.

This obviously requires it be connected to the same panel. In your comments you seem to be describing two separate panels each serving V only. There’s no legal way to serve a V load from those panels, because the handles must be tied. If the old water heater took 60 amp breakers, you could install a new water heater that takes the same size breakers.

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How are the wires connected to a water heater? I have a 50 Amp wire to it out of the box is a white red and black and copper ground. Out of the hot water tank is only a red and black. Where does the white wire from the house hook up to? This electrical wiring question came from:


Reconnect the wires to a heating element with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip. Video Transcript Hello, everyone. I’m Joshua Clement, and today I’m going to talk to you about how to reconnect the wires for your heating element in your water heater. Now it’s very important that you connect the wires to the right spots, and you connect it correctly, that way your wires don’t back out and start a fire.

For this job we’ll be using a Phillips head screwdriver. So after you have your element installed, you have two wires that connect to your elements, one goes to the right, and the other goes to the left. We’ll take the wire, you wanna make sure that you put the wire in to where this bottom guard is. I’m gonna put it in between that and the screw and tighten it down. And when you’re tightening down the screw, you want to make sure that you tighten it down so that way the wire will actually wrap around the screw rather than pushing it out.

You want to make sure you get it nice and snug, that way it can’t be pulled out. We’re gonna do the same thing on the next one. Make sure that you put the wire in between the guard and the screw, and tighten it down. You want to make sure that you wire this up correctly, because that way when you turn your water heater back on, the water heater is actually gonna work rather than you being like, what in the world is going on?

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Leave a reply Water heater repairs are extremely inconvenient and in some circumstances high priced too. Nonetheless it does not mean that you simply need to disregard your h2o heater difficulties till they are too poor to be repaired as this can show much more costly to suit your needs. H2o heaters are expected for a lot of purposes particularly in your house and it may be uncomfortable without the need of the devices especially in cold weather conditions.

So, if Atlanta drinking water heater repair is essential then you want to think about the least costly way it may be accomplished. Suitable care and maintenance may help you keep away from Atlanta water heater repair all with each other. Good maintenance will assist you to to notice slight injury which can be repaired with out causing you many expense.

How to Install an Electric Water Heater. Use a flexible hose kit for water hook-up. Apply plumber’s tape to the threads of the heat trap nipples. Then, attach the hoses. The tank must be completely full before connecting the wiring to avoid dry firing – which ruins the heating element. Step

What’s loop hot water heating? It’s the simplest method of heating with hot water. Each zone consists of a single loop made up of the pipe and the radiators. The water flows out of one radiator into the next. What sort of radiators do most people use with loop hot water heating? In fact, it was this type of radiation that first made the loop method of heating so popular in the early s. Why is baseboard so popular? Most heating contractors use baseboard radiation as perimeter heat, running it from room to room along the outside walls of the building.

Piped this way, the baseboard radiation becomes the piping as well as the means for transferring heat from the water to the air. Compared to earlier methods of heating, the baseboard loop system is inexpensive and relatively foolproof.

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Can I replace my hot water heater with a tankless on demand water heater. I own a Canyon Trail 5th wheel and my hot water heater will not work model. If so, what brand do I replace it with? Also, can I hook up a osmosis system to the trailer because we have hard water here and unable to drink, need to hook it up to the whole trailer at the main source of water. Your questions cover a broad area, so it is difficult to provide a quick and easy answer.

We will try to address them one at a time and with some suggestions.

This will depend on the water heater, if it is a 20 Amp hookup you will be fine, but if it is a 30 amp hookup you need to use 10 gauge wire. Here is a commonly used table to go by Suggested Gauge vs. Breaker Amp For Copper branch circuits and feeders.

A geothermal heat pump can be used for hot water, snow melt, ice-making, and even pool heating. Using a geothermal heat pump for hot water heating can actually make your heat pump even more efficient! A desuperheater captures the heat that is naturally lost by running the heat pump. As efficient as a geothermal heat pump is, there is a small amount of heat produced by the pump that is not used to heat your home.

A desuperheater captures this expended heat and pumps it to the hot water tank. Aside from the desuperheater you will not need any additional components. The desuperheater connects directly to the hot water tank drain. Even More Savings By using a geothermal heat pump for hot water heating you will greatly offset your current water bill costs.

Water Heater Repair & Troubleshooting

View All Protect Your Water Heater from Corrosion Your water heater is an investment in your home, and maintaining your water heater is very important. The most common reason that water heaters fail or have a short life is due to corrosion. There are several trouble spots that can be affected by corrosion that you should be aware of to increase the life of your water heater, as well as some conditions that might exist that will make your water heater perform at less than optimal levels.

Let’s review those problematic areas:

Most water heater maintenance manuals suggest that you drain a water heater at intervals ranging from six to 12 months. The reason this is recommended is to help remove any sediment or build-up that collects on the bottom of the water heater tank. This build-up will cause the water heater to work.

A thermocouple lets the pilot light in your water heater stay on. When the thermocouple is operating properly it will tell the thermostat to turn on the main burner. The main burner is what heats the water in your water heater. The thermocouple is a very simple part but it has a very important job. If your thermocouple is not operating properly your water heater will not turn on.

A thermocouple is a temperature measuring unit that conducts energy between two dissimilar conductors. The unit is usually made of copper and a different metal.

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In entry level RVs though, the water heater may only operate in LP gas mode. Water heaters in other motorhomes might operate by a third heating method called Motoraid see more below , which uses waste heat from the motorhome engine to heat the water as you drive. Finally, some high end RVs may have an entirely different system in which the water heater is part of a diesel and electric central heating system, typically either the Aquahot or Hydrohot brand names.

These systems are an entirely different animal and will not be discussed here. A few models are advertised as being 16 gallon heaters, but these are actually 10 gallon heaters that superheat the water and then mix cold water at the outlet, making them roughly equivalent to having a 16 gallon heater at the usual degrees.

Nov 09,  · WE just had installed a Carrier GT-PX geothermal unit and had it hooked up to our hot water heater (HWH). Just found out, that this is the first unit our contractor has installed in a residence versus his commerical installations.

Baseboard Heat for the household, diagram Install a coil for domestic hot water, or as many as three coils, for hydronic water-borne baseboard heat. Then use your stove, or your furnace, as an efficient hot water heating unit. The coil can be plumbed directly to your existing hot water tank. No special holding tanks are required. If your existing hot water tank is located higher than your stove, the hot water can circulate by natural convection.

If instead your hot water tank is located distant from, or below the level of, your stove, an additional relief valve should be used near where the hot water line comes from the coil, and a circulating pump should be installed along the cold water line leading to the coil. In both cases, cold water is taken from the drain valve near the bottom of the tank, and the hot water returns through a tee at the top of the tank. If you have plumbing questions, we recommend that your coil be installed by an experienced plumber.

Do I have to re-do any of my old plumbing? No, you can leave your old plumbing in place. Yes, and you leave the electricity turned off or the gas turned off.

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