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After her return, Noel seems to finally reciprocate, but Aria had moved on, she now crushing on Ezra. Despite this, they form a brief relationship, ruined by Aria not being able to resist Ezra. When Noel discovers the affair, he blackmails Ezra. This, combined with the girls suspecting him of mowing Hanna down and being A, leads to their breakup. Ever since, Noel seems to hold sharp disdain for Aria and her friends, for obvious reasons. Spencer Hastings, Hanna Marin, and Emily Fields- Noel seems to strongly dislike the rest of the Liars as well due to their initial suspicions of him. He can’t let go the grudge he has against them. This come to a head in This is A Dark Ride, when he snaps at them at the end of the party, accusing them of having something to do with Garrett being murdered and ruining the party. Hanna and Emily get locked in Noel’s cabin, which is monitored by cameras.

Pretty Little Liars

The ending of Pretty Little Liars was perfect because it brought everything back full circle. After having the game stolen from her, Mona – the original A – won the game back from A. Mona first learned about the End Game when Hanna went to her for help.

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A lot of questions were answered, but there are still a ton of unanswered ones, things that don’t add up, and of course new questions. Advertisement – Continue Reading Below 1. What was Cece’s motive for torturing Alison and the liars? It doesn’t make any sense. Where were the boyfriends? When the girls were saying their goodbyes to go off to college, why weren’t Caleb, Toby, and Ezra there? Did they forget about the moms in the basement?

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Welcome to the Dollhouse Big A kidnaps the four Liars and brings them to their dollhouse, where she is keeping an alive Mona and forcing her to pretend to be Ali. Spencer learns of what seems to be Big A’s name, Charles, and tells the other girls, who then set her up. At the fake prom she forces them to make, the girls call out for Big A, using Charles. When Big A finally shows herself, they shut down the power and run.

Aug 11,  · — Pretty Little Liars (@ABCFpll) August 12, CeCe Drake (Vanessa Ray) is shown to be A! She was the best friend of Alison DiLaurentis and the first time that the liars .

Aria Montgomery Aria Montgomery Lucy Hale season 1 — 7 is considered the “alternative” one of the group. She is more outgoing in fashion and what she sees as acceptable behavior. She moves back to Rosewood with her family after living in Iceland for a year. Before Alison’s death, she and Alison discovered that Aria’s father was having an affair with one of his former students, Meredith, who became his coworker at Hollis College.

Alison encourages Aria to tell her mother the truth, but instead, Aria reluctantly agrees to keep her father’s secret. On top of that, she finds herself involved with her high school English teacher, Ezra Fitz, after making out with him in a pub bathroom and discovering he was her English teacher on the first day of school. Aria was dating Noel, however, she kissed Ezra while meeting each other to talk.

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How does anyone do anything on this show without this snappy, slick little mastermind? An incomplete rundown of everything she crushes this week: Then, at the end of the episode, Mona has this whole setup that makes it look like she is the game master! Now, do I think she is the real big bad behind all of this? No, because there are too many episodes left.

Pretty Little Liars is a show about a group of girls who get harassed by a series of anonymous stalkers, and all the police seem to do is harass the Liars even further. At first, the Liars avoid them because A makes it clear they aren’t an option, and it only gets worse.

Jun 27, 6: Advertisement But before Aria walks down the aisle and the one, true A takes off the black hoodie, we take a look back at the series’ biggest twists. Except for the fact that it turns out he was on the A-Team along with Mona Vanderwaal Janel Parrish , which Spencer found out on their anniversary. Grunwald was the first to confirm it.

In the fourth season summer finale, Mrs. Grunwald Meg Foster revealed that, in fact, the infamous blonde was actually alive and she had pulled her out of the backyard grave. CeCe is Charlotte is Charles Charlotte went through several identities over the course of the show. After a few years, and a few red coats, viewers discovered that CeCe was actually Charlotte, Mary Drake and Ted Wilson’s daughter who was born male, as Charles.

Oh, and she killed Wilden. And tries to kill the Liars. Pretty Little Liars via YouTube The show has asked viewers — and characters — to ignore most of Ezra’s problematic aspects, and many have done so, but the fact remains that the scandalous educator wormed his way into the Liars’ circle to write a tell-all about Alison. Aria eventually forgave him and the two seem headed down the aisle in the finale, but some discretions are too much to forget — except the statutory rape.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ series finale recap: Who is AD, who got married, who’s pregnant

August 11, 3: Major spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched yet Yep, Ali’s look-a-like, CeCe, was hooded “A” all along! CeCe was born Charles, twin brother to Jason. Her parents knew from a young age that Charles was transgender.

We have a full 2-hour series finale of Pretty Little Liars to get through tonight and while fans will finally find out who the twisted, mysterious and sociopathic A.D is, there’s a popular fan theory circulating the internet right now – Spencer’s evil twin sister.

The Perfectionists on Freeform. She is portrayed by Janel Parrish. Mona was revealed to be the first and original ” A ” in ” UnmAsked ” and was sent to Radley Sanitarium for psychological and emotional treatment for a few months. In ” Taking This One to the Grave “, she faked her death with the help of the ” A ” that had taken over her game. However, in ” Welcome to the Dollhouse “, it was revealed that she was alive, having been double-crossed and being held captive in A’s dollhouse.

She was later revealed to be the killer of Charlotte DiLaurentis , the second A. She accidentally killed Charlotte by pushing her against a pipe, however, her reasons for confronting her were to protect the Liars from the game starting up again. She also worked with and lied to Uber A in order to protect the Liars. Mona is very intelligent either more or just as Spencer. Eventually, however, Hanna becomes a part of Ali’s clique and Mona was subjected to her bullying.

She was nicknamed ‘Loser Mona’ by Alison. She taunts Lucas as Alison used to and calls him Hermie, despite once being his friend when Alison bullied them both. Mona is a very self-conscious person.

Recap of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 6 Finale: Find Out A’s Identity!

Now that Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is officially happening! The challenge for me was coming up with a story that paid homage to PLL, that really honored the brand, but yet felt really new. Well, Beacon Heights is very different from Rosewood. PLL was shot almost entirely as a Warner Bros.

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There were once five best friends. They were a lot of things, but they were known for the easiest cliche they fit into — the athlete, the artist, the brainiac, the fashionista, and the Queen Bee. Ali the Queen Bee ruled her crew, and her crew ruled the school. And then everything changed. Ali Sasha Pieterse went missing. From that day on they became four — four women who were no longer standing by as their best friend bullied them and others.

Instead, they were four women who had to grab on to each other and fight back as someone bullied them. Advertisement For seven years of their life they were tortured by an anonymous villain who went by initials. And for the last seven years, we’ve watched it all. We rooted for one of the best representations of friendship on TV , we rooted for our favorite couples, we tried to figure out who exactly was A and Uber A and then AD, and the whole time we theorized how it would all end. In tonight’s series finale of Pretty Little Liars we pick up a year from last week’s episode.

They haven’t received a text or a doll or a creepy message of any kind this whole time.

Pretty Little Liars Spinoff: Meet the Perfectionists Joining Ali and Mona

The Perfectionists is spun-off. The series was developed by I. Marlene King and ran seven seasons from

Mona Vanderwaal is a main character on Pretty Little Liars, portrayed by Janel Parrish. Mona is highly intelligent, but wasn’t very popular in the beginning. Even after her makeover, despite her newfound popularity, she still wasn’t accepted into the Liars clique like Hanna was, and so she held resentment towards the girls.

On the one hand, we know who A is. On the other hand, we have no idea who A is. Do you see why we’re so confused?! And is he a DiLaurentis? Again, we have no clue, but the “PLL” Powers That Be did a pretty solid job of convincing us that our favorite pathfinder Andrew Campbell is somehow connected to this mess. But A’s kinda-sorta reveal wasn’t even the most jaw-dropping moment of the action-packed finale! The Liars get swiped from the police van on their way to prison, only to wake up in A’s deranged dollhouse.

He’s basically using the Liars as his own personal plAythings — and its borderline gross. Soul or no soul, this Charles needs serious therapy. And, you know, a butt-kicking from Spencer.

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers & Finale Spoilers, Who’s A!

Last week’s episode ended with Ali coming face-to-face with Charles DiLaurentis, and this week she wakes up in a creepy bunker next to her comatose dad and brother. LOL, A, keep doing you! Meanwhile, the little liars meet up with Mona at prom, who informs them Charles has his own cellular network located at the Carrisimi Group. The liars head to a the company headquarters and quickly discover a live feed of Ali talking to BOOM, bet you didn’t see that coming!

To see everyone the liars, and their main men, have dated in real life since the show began, click through the gallery above. Pretty Little Lia rs premieres Tuesday, April 18 at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.

The final round of A. This is the same show that blows up telephones, that had the liars trapped in a doll house with exact replicas of their bedrooms, that had a board game dictating their every move. No one comes to Rosewood for realism, we come for the crazy and the twisted and in that regard, the finale delivered. But they are connected by blood because as it turns out, every motive that A, Uber A or A. D ever had was motivated by a dysfunctional family.

Without further ado… A.

Pretty Little Liars – 03×04 – Aria + Hanna look at dating websites; Spencer talks to Jason