Gearbox releases new weapons trailer for Borderlands 2

Far Cry 4 Overwatch First person shooter Overwatch blasted onto Xbox One earlier in , pitting two teams of six players against each other to achieve various goals within the map. Work together to secure and defend points on the map, or escort a payload for a period of time. It blew Battleborn out of the water, having been released very close to 2K’s similar game. Offering character skins and victory poses to unlock, it offers a great level of character customizability. But what makes Overwatch one of the best Xbox One games? Every fight is an intense multiplayer shootout, with a diverse cast of characters and classes, including Tank, Support, Offense, and Defense.

Borderlands 2 PC love letter

Join the Facebook page now and let your friends know you play on GameRanger, so they can join you as well. October 29, Borderlands is GameRanger’s th game! Press Release Borderlands has just been added to GameRanger. This should solve some of the online co-op problems people have been having with the built-in service.

Jan 12,  · Borderlands 2 (relatively new, short story mode imo.) Also depends on what games you like, my friends and I enjoy Forza 4 so we cruise around there, paint cars, drift. whatever is your personal.

M As far as collected, current-gen ports of previous gen titles go, Borderlands: You get both Borderlands 2 and the more recent Borderlands: Considering the base games alone can take dozens upon dozens of hours to fully complete, adding in all the additional content is just icing on the cake. Both games have been upscaled to full p output, but surprisingly both titles seem to struggle with maintaining 60 frames per second. I played this review copy on PS4, and noticed definite drops at heavy action moments in both titles, which was certainly surprising, and of course disappointing.

But the transition is apparently flawless, outside of the fact that achievements and trophies will not carry over. Online play and matchmaking is just as solid here as it was in the original versions of the game, with the added benefit of 4-player split-screen co-op, a feature missing in the previous gen versions of both games.

Borderlands 2 |OT| Opening Pandora’s Box (of Guns!)

Share Save Borderlands 2 is a hybridized beast of mechanics, play styles and audience potentials, all wrapped up in one cel-shaded package now with green! The sequel builds upon feedback from ‘s Borderlands, tweaking many aspects of single-player mode, streamlining co-op skill sets and building new character designs, writer Anthony Burch and concept designer Scott Kester from Gearbox told Joystiq. One of the most prevalent changes players will notice in Borderlands 2 is the skill-tree functionality in co-op mode.

Instead of simply beating down enemies separately but at the same time, as often happened in Borderlands, there will be more synergy between each character’s abilities, Kester and Burch said. For example, the Siren’s phaselock abilities have been fine-tuned to include the “sweet release” kill skill, which insta-heals every member of her party if she kills an enemy frozen in phaselock. Additionally, the Assassin can execute enemies in the Siren’s phaselock relatively easily with his melee or sniping moves, and the Commando will be able to throw down a bubble shield to protect the entire team.

Sep 20,  · Dynamic Co-op online, and LAN: Share your adventures with friends both online and via LAN. Borderlands 2 features a seamless system enabling you to drop in and drop out of a campaign without ever having to restart the game.

Even though both of these games came out quite some time ago for Borderlands 2 and for The Pre-Sequel , the games are still receiving plenty of attention from both players and developers. I finished both of these Borderlands games and I enjoyed my time spent with each one, but those of you who never got a chance to try them out should definitely go ahead and play them now.

Various balance refinements and tweaks, with special attention given to Maya to make her more in-line with the other characters. Missions that can be failed and re-attempted will now show the correct level when the player re-accepts the mission. Gun-based splash damage will now scale correctly. The Aquamarine sniper rifle has been updated with the proper stats.

Borderlands 2 Review

Buy Borderlands 2 is a big game. And yet the sprawling cooperative shooter has arrived intact on the portable platform, delivering long hours of shooting, looting, and butt jokes. Game design changes, like knocking the maximum player count down from four to two and changing the enemy death animations, do a good job of cutting corners while preserving the core action.

Help with Borderlands TPS Co-op – posted in PS3 and PS4: Ive played every Borderlands and its one of my favorite franchises these days, but I havent done much online ever. I decided to try a bit with TPS and when it works the way I like its great.

However sometimes it won’t let you maximize the game and therefore not letting you to access the activation window. Now when you need to minimize the game to access the activation window you should not have any problems doing so. Some users may also experience a crash on startup when using multiple monitors. Disabling one or more monitors will fix this problem. One fix is to run Windows Update and install the KB update also found here. A collection of additional troubleshooting steps can be found on the Steam Users’ Forums Fixing performance issues[ edit ] Fixing Performance Issues[citation needed] Some systems, despite exceeding the recommended specs, simply do not run Borderlands well.

Even after turning down graphical options, the frame rates can be much lower than would be expected. Taking these steps can help make the game much more responsive and raise frame rates significantly.

One more step

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Now that the game is in the hands of a larger audience, we wanted to see how well the game holds up in the real world. When we played Borderlands for our review , the number of people playing numbered in the hundreds. Good enough to get a taste, but not indicative of real world performance. That’s why we do the Online Status Check. Our thoughts and the thoughts of others, after this.

Fairly easy today, considering the Kotaku readership was nice enough to flood my Xbox Live Account with friend requests. Even before that explosion of Live friends, finding a Quick Match didn’t take too long, about 30 seconds to find a game, then another 15 or so to join. Sending requests and inviting friends via the pause menu is straightforward and generally reliable. What wasn’t reliable, however, is getting an invite before having loaded my character. I could accept game invites that would do nothing.

Gearbox Software comments on the performance of Borderlands 2 on Playstation 3

Here were our findings: The host controls which missions are available or not. Enemy and weapon levels are based on the zone. However, those missions can be accomplished by anyone in the host’s game. Once completed, that mission is completed for all participating characters, even if they weren’t normally able to complete the mission because they hadn’t progressed that far in the game in single player yet. All participating players receive the same XP, rewards, and mission completions for their character.

Jun 26,  · I used to play Borderlands with my roommate (who’s really into shooters) and we both got bored of it. I think we went up to lvl 14 and were like “Meh ” I’m not really into shooters very much, so I wasn’t expecting to like it a whole lot, but decided to try the game out because of the co-op.

Add in a healthy dose of Diablo to Fallout 3 and you have Borderlands, which equals out to be a first person shooter loot-fest. For better or worse, there is not that much of a focus on the narrative in Borderlands. There is a well-produced opening cut scene introducing the four main character classes to choose from and explaining that you are on the desert wasteland planet of Pandora to find the only thing that matters here, which is a rumored vault containing vast alien riches.

What better way to experience a loot-filled game than in co-op? Up to four people can play online or system link, or up to two players in split screen. There is a single player option, but Borderlands is far more fun playing with friends. I would recommend avoiding the split screen play as the menus are not big enough to fit on each players side of the screen, which results in the player having to use the right-stick to rotate the menu across their screen.

Borderlands takes a page out of another 2K game, Bioshock, by respawning players at Vita Chamber-esque stations upon death for a small fee. It is a fresh twist to this increasingly popular mechanic in co-op games, which is a big help in single player play, or if you happen to veer off a little too far from your partners in co-op. Each of the four characters available has a unique skill that can be upgraded with skill points as they level up. I was surprised to see there was no meaningful character customization other than changing the color of clothing.

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By Vince Ingenito [Editor’s Note: We’ve been posting our impressions of Destiny since September 3rd. Our scored review was posted on September 18, It attempts to weave threads from many popular genres together into one interconnected tapestry, but your experience will depend entirely upon which of those threads you tug on hardest.

Exit Theatre Mode At the very least, it provides blistering firefights and brilliantly crafted worlds to have them in.

Today, 2K & Gearbox announced Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for both Xbox One, and PS4. It contains a remastered Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and Borderlands some of the features of the game:Now supports 4 Player Co-op on.

Okay, fellow gamers, I need some advice! I’ve always been fond of playing games with controllers, as opposed to keyboard and mouse and there’s no way you’re going to convince me otherwise, so leave that out of the equation. I have a pretty decent gaming rig now, although I would be surprised if it can handle maxed graphic-setting without some hiccups. The , on the other hand, seems to be showing its age a bit these days, and I’m not particularly fond of Xbox Live anymore ever since the new UI update, the things have just been a mess.

Thing is, I’ve never actually taken the plunge to play PC games over consoles. Sure, I play all of Blizzard’s games, but it’s more in spite of the fact they’re on PC, not because of it. As well, I’m horrible when it actually comes to maintaining PC’s, not even knowing when or if to download drivers unless I run into a technical issue, and even then I get fed-up with the process pretty quickly.

As well, what’s the PC Borderlands community like?

Borderlands 2 1-OP8 2 Player Co-op Speedrun in 13:43:21 With Loads